everyone defines


a bit differently

but what is love


a warm feeling

in your chest

the urge

to be with someone

for the rest of your life

putting someone first

before all else

even yourself

is that what love is?

i believe

our society

has twisted the word

to make it into something

it is not

they have torn it apart

piecing it back together

to resemble

what they want it to be

rather than

what it truly is

a thing from the past

called love

hardly recognizable

barely the same

at all

the world

believes love to be


they see it

as a way

to serve themselves

their love

is selfish

their love

is capable of


but you

have shown me

the true meaning

of love

love is not about me

or you

love is sacrifice

love is pain

love is tireless commitment

love is endless work

love does not spare feelings

love challenges the other

to be their best

every single day

because love cares

more than any other

not merely on the surface

love is a choice

not a feeling

it’s a choice you must make

each and every day

from the moment you wake

to the moment you fall asleep

love doesn’t come easy

you must work for it

constantly striving

to be better

and to grow

love is growth

if love was merely a feeling

love would never last

because feelings are temporary

but true love

is forever

Published by Jaylyn Geist

I'm just a writer who loves the Lord, reading, and procrastinating.

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